ChocoPi Board Premium Set
1setUSD 225/EUR 180

ChocoPi Board Premium Set Materials

The Board is the intermediary go-between the computer and all blocks to be connected.
• MCU: ARM Cortex M3 32-Bit
• Bluetooth 4.0 BLE communication
• Automatic block recognition functionality,
8 connection terminals
• Input voltage: DC 6~18V
• Size: 90 x 63 mm

ChocoPi Board

The ChocoPi Board has 8 ports for connecting blocks and multiple blocks can be connected depending on the purpose of use. However, if two or more of the same type of block are used, the port number must be specified during block coding. The port numbers are displayed on the ChocoPi Board.

LED Block

Connect and use LED modules.
One LED module can create a variety of colors by combining three colors (Red, Green, Blue).
• Input value: Red, Green, Blue (Input value of 0~255)
• Number of LED module connections: Up to 256
• Components: LED block, LED module (4), LED module connector cable (4), board connector cable

Touch Block

This block detects changes in electrostatic capacity and confirms and measures contact with a surface like fruit or a piano keyboard.
• Input: 12 (1~12)
• No extra grounding wire required
• Components: Touch block, board connector cable

LED Module

The LED module connects to the LED block, and up to 256 LED modules can be daisy-chain connected to one LED block.

Sensor Block

Data can be measured by connecting the built-in sensor to an external Arduino sensor.
• Temperature:-40~125°C, Accuracy 0.01°C
• Humidity: 0~100%, Accuracy 0.04%
• Light Intensity: 0~4095 (Brightness level and numerical value proportionally increase)
• 5 volt battery can be connected to the sensor
• Components: Sensor block, board connector cable

Motion Block

Sensors that detect various movements can be expanded by purchasing separate photogates in addition to acceleration, angular acceleration, and infrared detection (3).
• XYZ acceleration: ± 32767
• XYZ angular acceleration: ± 32767
• Infrared: 0~4095
• Components: Motion block, board connector cable

Servo motor Block

Up to four servo motors can be connected and powered. Precise angle control is possible and the servo motor must be used to confirm changes in angular variation types. Since the motor requires a lot of power, it is recommended to connect a separate power supply to the ChocoPi Board.
• Components: Servo motor block, board connector cable

DC motor Block

The block is used to power the DC motor and up to two motors can be used. When using multiple motors, connect a separate power supply to the ChocoPi Board.
• Components: DC motor block, board connector cable

Control Block

Four buttons, potentiometer, and joystick modules can be connected simultaneously
• Button: Transmit a signal of 1 when pressed, 0 when released
• Potentiometer: 0~4095 rotation
• Joystick: Up (4095), Down (0), Left (0), Right (4095)
• Components: Button (4), potentiometer, joystick, module connector cable (6), board connector cable