ChocoPi Main Board

ChocoPi Board Easy Connection Safe design without pins
ChocoPi Main Board Board Connections Slots Backside of Board

1. ChocoPi Main Board
  • Connect the ChocoPi blocks to ports 1~8 of the main board and the computer to the ChocoPi main board
    •Multiples of the same block type can be connected to any of the 8 ports when the port numbers are designated in the code
    ex) 8 Servo Motor blocks can be connected to the main board at the same time: 32 servo motors simultaneously being operated
  • USB connection port uses a 5V power supply
  • Use an external power connection (battery/adapter) when a large electric current is needed (multiple LEDs, etc.)

2. ChocoPi Main Board Specifications
  • MCU: Cortex M3 32-Bit
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE communication
  • 8 universal connection ports
  • Send data via Micro 5-pin USB
  • Automatic block recognition
  • Input voltage: DC 6~18V
  • Internal high efficiency DC power
  • Size: 90 x 63mm
  • Uses driver software

3. Connect the Blocks
  • The ChocoPi board is the intermediate go-between the computer and blocks
  • The built-in sensors in the Sensor block can be used without connecting any external modules or sensors
  • Use 2, 3, or 4-line cables to connect modules and sensors to the blocks
  • All blocks are connected to ports 1~8 of the ChocoPi board with connector cables
  • There are 7 different kinds of ChocoPi blocks

ex) Connect the ChocoPi main board - blocks - modules

Blocks and Modules Connected to the Board

4. Name of ChocoPi Board Parts
    Name of Board Parts