Science & Robot Book #2
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Chapter Overview

A textbook on developing creativity through projects using the ChocoPi board.

Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Description
1 Robot Arm Assembly and Operation Learn to operate servo motors using the Servo Motor block and create the robot arm
2 Operation of the Robot Arm with the Keyboard Learn to use variables and use the keyboard to move the robot arm
3 Operation of the Robot Arm with a Joystick Learn to convert output values into input values and use the joystick to move the robot arm
4 Operation of the Robot Arm using Motion Learn about slope, and use the slope of the Motion block to operate the robot arm
5 Create a Smart Fan Create a fan that automatically adjusts fan speed and movement according to temperature
6 Draw a Sensor Graph Create a graph that moves the line using sensor values
7 Create an Ultrasonic Sensor Instrument Learn about ultrasonic sensors and play music along the street
8 Learn to use Sensors Learn to use the temperature, light intensity, and humidity sensors of the Sensor block
9 Measure the Concentration of Saltwater Learn about the soil humidity sensor and use the sensor to measure the concentration of saltwater
10 Create a Plant Management System Create a plant management system using the soil humidity sensor
11 Let’s Dance Learn about PIR sensors that can detect humans and create a Sprite that dances according to movement
12 Safety Protection System for your Home Create a safety protection system for your home using a PIR sensor