Science & Robot Book #1
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Chapter Overview

A textbook on producing and operating robots using the ChocoPi board.

Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Description
1 Create a RC Car Learn to operate a motor and create a RC car that uses a motor
2 RC Car Keyboard Control 1 Understand the concepts of Event and Conditional blocks, and operate and control the car through the keyboard arrow keys
3 RC Car Keyboard Control 2 Use variables to change values, and operate a car controlled by the changed values
4 RC Car Controlled by Input Values Use the keyboard to save the direction as a list input value, and operate a car using the saved values
5 RC Car that uses a Joystick and Motion block Learn about the slope of the Motion block and operate a car using a joystick and slope
6 Line Tracer RC Car Learn about the IR sensors of the Motion block and create a car that moves along a line using IR sensors
7 RC Car that Avoids Obstacles Create a car that avoids obstacles using the IR sensors in the Motion block
8 Learn to use Sensors Learn to use the temperature, light intensity, and humidity sensors of the Sensor block
9 Create a Safe Fan Use the IR and angular accelerator sensors of the Motion block to create a fan that stops moving when it falls
10 LED that Responds to Sound Learn about Sound sensors and create sound-responsive LEDs
11 Measure the Temperature of Water Learn about the NTC temperature sensor and measure the temperature of the water using the temperature sensor
12 Create an Alarm that uses Impact Detection Learn about Impact detection sensors and create an alarm that uses impact detection