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Chapter Overview

A 318-page textbook on how to control hardware with Scratch and learn about physical computing.

Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Description
1 Dice Game Learn to use the Control block buttons and create LED dice using buttons and LEDs
2 Digital Yunnori Game Learn to use motors and create an automatic Yunnori game using motors
3 Mole Game Learn to use a timer and create a mole catching game using LED output and Touch input
4 Move a cat Sprite with a Joystick Learn to use the Control block joystick and about screen coordinates, and how to control Sprites using the joystick
5 Painting Easel with a Joystick Create a painting easel that uses a joystick, potentiometer, and button control
6 Apple Catching Game (Easy) Understand user-defined blocks (functions) and use the joystick controller to create a game that catches falling apples
7 Apple Catching Game (Hard) Understand the properties of an object and create a game that catches falling apples with additional properties
8 Shooting Star Game Learn to change time and divide coordinates, and create a game that avoids fallings stars
9 Alkaloid Game Learn about the coordinate directions of Sprites and create an alkaloid game using a ball’s bounce principles
10 Flying Shooting Game Learn about coordinate movement and control and create a flying shooting game using a joystick controller
11 Jumping Game Learn about Sprite jump movement using buttons and create a game that gains items when going up stairs
12 Pacman Game Save required data about Sprite location in a list and learn to use saved values to compose game screens