ChocoPi Board Recipes Book
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Chapter Overview

A 157-page textbook that introduces the ChocoPi kit and examples of coding with Scratch.

Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Description
1 Cookbook ChocoPi component descriptions, and learn to use Scratch coding
2-1 A Fun Music Classroom Play music you can see with a LED piano that uses the Touch and LED blocks, and create a piano with gummy worm keys
2-2 Whirring! Flashing! Create a Fire Alarm Understand how to create temperature-dependent variables and create several types of fire alarms using the LED, Sensor, and Touch blocks
2-3 An Early Morning! Create an Alarm Clock Learn to use variables to control Sprite costumes and create alarm clocks that ring at a set time and when it detects light
2-4 Thermo Hygrometer for a Baby Create several temperature and humidity monitoring devices to maintain an optimal environment for a baby
2-5 Traffic Light for the Visually Impaired Create several traffic lights using the LED and Touch block to aid the visually impaired
2-6 Safe Protection Program Protect your safe using touch and light-dependent sensors
2-7 Create a Smart Car Create an autonomous car that warns of obstacles and create a temperature and humidity monitoring assistant for your car