Basic Coding Book
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Chapter Overview

A 236-page textbook on learning what coding is and the basic concepts of Scratch.

Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Description
1 ChocoPi Board and Scratch Install Scratch, and learn the basics of how to use the ChocoPi Board
2 Understanding Scratch Blocks Examine the blocks used in Scratch
3 LED Color Wheel Learn about the color expression of lights using LEDs and how to program sequential commands
4 Play Touch Sensor Music Play music with the Touch block and change the shape of Sprites
5 Create a Safety Guide Light Understand how to control a Sprite's status using variables and the Touch block, and create a safety guide light using the LED block
6 Create a Magic Wand Create a magic wand that turns ON when the screen is touched using LEDs
7 Send Signals to a Light Understand the concepts of computer time and touch time to create Morse code expressions using the LED block
8 Create a Christmas Tree Understand user-defined blocks (functions) and create a tree that turns ON LEDs in a fixed pattern when touched
9 Create a Smart LED Light Learn to use variables to control motion and to create LED lighting that operates at programmable times
10 Sound LED Learn to use lists, how to automatically create notes, and to create sound LEDs that change color according to the corresponding note
11 5-In-1 Musical Instrument Learn about the input and output process, and connect the Touch block to a guitar model to play various instrument sounds
12 Play LED Learn to separate data and play notes that turns ON LEDs using the inputted values in a list
Appendix 1 Who Brought the Fruit? Connect the Touch block to fruit and create a program that will speak when the fruit is touched
Appendix 2 Create a LED Piano Create a piano using the Touch block that expresses a LED color for each note