Touch Block

1. Touch Block
    Touch Block

  • Components: Touch block (1), connector cable (1)
  • A block that detects electrostatic capacity change on 12 Touch pads
  • Has same features as the Makey Makey board
  • Has same effect as a smartphone screen touch
  • Can touch directly by hand or can connect alligator clips or wires
  • Use touch for various projects such as detection of objects, creating an electric piano, etc.

2. Connect to the Touch Block
    Touch Block Connected to Board

    3. Scratch Blocks used for Touch Block operation

      When Touch number 1 is touched, output “Do” note Turn a LED ON and OFF using Touch number 1 and 2
      Scratch Code Scratch Code
      Use the Touch conditional block to determine if it’s been touched Use the Touch value block to determine if it’s been touched
      Scratch Code Scratch Code

      4. Applications of the Touch Block

        Guitar LED Piano When the fruit is touched, its name will
        be spoken
        Guitar LED Piano Fruits Connected to Board

        5. Items that can be used with the Touch Block
        (Click on the picture to go to the product page. COMING SOON)

        Alligator Clips Silver Tape
        Alligator Clips Silver Tape