Sensor Block

1. Sensor Block
    Sensor Block

  • Components: Sensor block (1), connector cable (1), 2-pin cable (2), 3-pin cable (4)
  • A block with built-in temperature, humidity, and light intensity sensors that can be connected to external Arduino sensors.
  • Depending on the value the sensors detect, various connected blocks can perform different operations
    (ex. temperature changes -> adjust fan speed, humidity changes -> turn humidifier ON/OFF, light intensity changes -> turn light ON/OFF
  • An additional 5V Arduino analog sensor can be attached to run various projects (sold separately)
  • Specifications:
    •Temperature: -40~125°C, Accuracy 0.01°C
    •Humidity: 0~100%, Accuracy 0.04%
    •Light Intensity: 0~4095 (Brightness level and numerical value proportionally increase)

  • 2. Connect to the Sensor Block
      Sensor Block Connected to Board

      3. Scratch Blocks used for Sensor Block operation

        Check the temperature/light intensity/humidity sensor
        Turn ON a red LED when temperature is 25°C or above,
        and Turn ON a blue LED when below 25°C
        Turn a LED ON and OFF using the light intensity value
        Scratch Code Scratch Code Scratch Code

        4. Applications of the Sensor Block

          Smart Plant Pot Fan speed control dependent on temperature Smart light
          Guitar LED Piano Fruits Connected to Board

          5. External sensors that can be connected to the Sensor Block
          (Click on the picture to go to the product page. COMING SOON)

          Soil Moisture Sensor Fire Sensor Slope Sensor Sound Sensor
          Alligator Clips Alligator Clips Alligator Clips Silver Tape
          PIR Sensor Gas Sensor Buzzer Flex Sensor
          Alligator Clips Alligator Clips Alligator Clips Silver Tape
          pH Sensor NTC Temperature Sensor
          Alligator Clips Silver Tape