DC Motor Block

1. DC Motor Block
    DC Motor Block

  • Components: DC Motor block (1), connector cable (1)
  • A block that can control the speed and directionality of two DC motors.
  • The speed can be adjusted from -100 to 100 (negative values rotate the motor in the opposite direction)
  • A block that can be used to rotate car wheels, propellers, etc.

  • 2. Connect to the DC Motor Block
      DC Motor Block Connected to Board

      3. Scratch Blocks used for DC Motor Block operation

        When the green flag is clicked, run the motor for 3 seconds Turn the motor ON and OFF in 3 second intervals
        Scratch Code Scratch Code
        Turn the DC motor ON and OFF using button 1 and 2 Create a fan using buttons
        Scratch Code Scratch Code

        4. Applications of the Motion Block

          Rotate car wheels Operate a fan Create roulette game Create yunnori game
          ChocoPi Car Fan Roulette game Yunnori game

          5. Connectable Motor Modules
          (Click on the picture to go to the product page. COMING SOON)

          DC Motor + Fan DC Motor + Wheel Underwater Motor
          Fan Wheel Underwater motor